Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile


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Uniquely designed mobile that offers extra fun and added value with innovative hide-and-seek developmental motion.


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• Unique dual-motion system introduces a new concept to the mobile category: magical hide-and-seek show that hides and reveals cute animal characters
• Adorable stand-alone piano with fun light-up feedback engages and amuses babies and toddlers
• 40 minutes of music include 15 melodies in a variety of musical categories:classical, nature, lullaby, white sound and even reggae
• Array of fun features packed into one mobile: smiling animal figures, stars & moon nightlight and detachable music box

Age Tips

0 – 3 Months 
1. Let baby enjoy the soothing mobile motion while lying in his crib and listening to the mobile’s various melodies.
2. Use the soft night-light and selection of calming white noise and lullaby melodies to help baby find his way to fall asleep independently.

3 – 5 months
Introduce the hide-and-seek developmental mobile motion to engage baby and help her become acquainted with the basic concept of object permanence: things that disappear aren’t gone – they soon reappear!

5+ months
When the time for mobiles is over, let baby enjoy the stand-alone music box and piano. Baby will enjoy exploring this musical toy its fun features and light-up feedback well into toddlerhood.

Additional Info

• 0 – 24+ Months
• Cornition
• EQ
• Senses